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Serbia gets the first Bitcoin ATM in the region


These days Serbia got the first Bitcoin ATM in Balkans, the machine that now allows people to buy and sell this digital currency. The ATM is located in Kralja Milana 10 street, in Belgrade, in ICT hub place Playground. Those who already have a Bitcoin account can use it immediately, but those who are new to it are also able to use it. The machine is linked with a Bitcoin system and it checks the value of this currency every 10 seconds, showing it on a big ATM screen.

Buying Bitcoin on ATM

The process of buying a Bitcoin on this ATM is quite simple. You have to choose a mode of buying, and then, using your phone or any other device that has a NFC system connect your Bitcoin account and the ATM. Invest some money (1000 RSD and more) and wait for the calculated amount in Bitcoin to be transferred to your account. If you don’t have the Bitcoin wallet or Bitcoin app, you’ll get your confirmation with QR codes which signify the successful buying of Bitcoin amount.

Selling Bitcoin on ATM

If you wish to sell this currency, the situation is slightly different and takes around 10 minutes. You have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed through Blockchain, which certainly takes some time.

Bitcoin in Serbia

The Bitcoin ATM was installed by the company MCM 965 which is in the cryptocurrency trading business for several years. According to the information of Nikola Cvijovic of MCM 965, there are currently 500 active Bitcoin traders in Serbia, while there are 3000 more people who are in possession of this digital currency.